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I wish i could get more places to sell them. They certainly have their own little quirks. So it […]. And then there are gestampte muisjes. Barbara, you are so right. I had a good laugh about it! No kidding! I am Dutch and live abroad since many years, your site is absolutely unique and hilarious! I really enjoy reading it and recommended it to all my friends!

Never ever seen anything like that here in Spain! The Dutch also love to take their own food with them on a holiday, how else can they survive being away from home, without their hagelsag, frietsaus, Van Nelle koffie etc. By the way: who are you? Because people come from far away and in Holland, when anyone comes from further away for anything, there are refreshments. I believe the muisjes are called that because sometimes they have a little tail as a result of the way they are produced.

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Americans find hagelslag very strange. Are you nuts? Like stroopwafels, which many Americans love passionately after one one bite. On the other hand the Dutch find, for the most part, some very typical and popular American combinations absolutely revolting. Try suggesting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a Dutch person, and see what happens.

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The cries of protest come immediately. Brought back a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter cups originally milk chocolate around a peanut butter center. Some Dutch like it and some have a similar reaction to the suggestion of peanut butter and jelly eaten together. And fell in love with it. Take a look at the muisjes closely — there is often a little hair from the anise seed sticking out of the candy coating, looking like a tail, and hence the entire thing like a little mouse. The Dutch can be mortally offended when you refuse the beschuit met muisjes. Refusing the treat is like an ill-wish on the new-born.

I have eaten hagelslag on white bread ever since was a kid, and still do. But then why did I almost fall in shock when as a kid I read in a book about someone eating a Kwatta-reep on bread? Kwatta reep? Die naam zegt me wat, waren dat niet die Koetjes repen, of was dat weer wat anders?? Yes, witbrood with speculaas with lots of butter!


Previous comments are right about hagelslag not being the same as sprinkles. Sprinkles have mainly sugar and very little chocolate where as hagelslag is mainly chocolate. As for people finding it strange to have hagelslag on bread, what about nutella? Hhhmm, might make a sammy with hagelslag……. OH, they are so good! When our dutch relatives come over here, they always bring some…we put them on top of peanut butter.

Drove by a dyke, windmill and flat pastures. Here in Danmark hagelslag is used on cakes. I remember some of my old Dutch co-workers who always enjoy their hagelslag on bread lunch so much that they never want to spoil any leftover hagelslag on their plates. Yep, you got me right, they would pick those tiny little sweet stuff one by one with their finger and put them on their tounge to eat it, til the very last piece. I find it very disturbing yet amusing. That is milkfat, cocoafat, sugar, more fat from cacao and still more much sugar.

My dentist would kill me if she knew. After reading the article about milk, I saw the Hagelslag article. I agree with you and I love it! Years ago I lived in California for a while and I felt like eating hagelslag. I went to the supermarket and picked up a small bottle with sprinkels and went home. Super exited to eat white bread with hagelslag. What a disapointment when it turned out te be a very bad quality of hagelslag.

I eat it every morging by breakfeats. Wakes me up. Seeing i dont like the taste of coffee. And making thee takes to long. I welcome any and all […]. Hagelslag also applies in Indonesia, … we eat bread with these choco sprinkler on it,.. Chocolate vlokken are my absolute favorite and make hagelslag lose the battle. Of course, just the dark chocolate variety. Can we buy that at all on the US East Coast? I wish we could! I think in Holland we always have refreshments at funerals, even when no one is coming from further away. You meet up with family you might not have seen in years… Sad really that you need a funeral to meet up with family, but there you go.

Just started reading this blog, so this reply is a little late. They have reasonable prices and fast service! I am first generation Canadian and grew up eating hagelslag on toast for breakfast. We would sometimes Canadian-ize it by first spreading peanut butter on the toast and then cover with hagelslag …. Not the buttery kind you get in america. Hagelslag, vlokken, Calve pindakaas…. Wait, what?

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Waffles, pancakes and muffins are dessert food? Except that they were missing the hagelslag which, btw, here in Dutch Caribbean we call muisjes, which helps confounds the native Dutch people and amuses them when they get the mix-up. And De Ruyters bosvruchtenhagel variation? The children eat it almost every day at least once and I have seen both of my host parents eat it […]. Hi there! I love it! You are so right! And I still eat. I never even thought about the fact that everything in these blogs are not so common in other countries.

One story after another, I was like; huh? I put it on my bread all the time. I have been living in Australia for over 30 years now but one Dutch tradition I still follow is hagelslag op brood with lashings of butter underneath, yum. I also love sprinkling it on top of pindakaas peanut butter. And I still occasionally have the chocolade vlokken as well. However, I must admit I have come to love it!

Germans have their own version: super thin chocolate bars or slices that are as big as half a slice of bread, you take two for a slice or one on a folded slice. Is great, more chocolate and less spilling over.

Which was the reason why my American friends refused to eat it, hahaha!!! Anyone has a tip where I can get a bulk size box of chocolate sprinkles. Did you mention the bread itself yet? Not just the hagelslag, but bread and lots of it comes out at almost every meal… Three weeks visiting different sets of relatives around the Netherlands, and I was almost done with bread by the end. The sugar coated seed itself is also oblong, making up the body part of the muisje.

My family used to have Hagelslag on a piece of toast every morning for breakfast when i was growing up. Whats better than a dry piece of round toast with butter, sugar and anice to celebrate a birth? Just about anything. Beschuit is actually used by people to do contests of who can whistle first after eating one, because the human saliva production is utterly inadaquate to cope with this slice of desert.

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I this some ploy concucted by new moms to have others share in their recently endured agony? Browse through the recipe section, collecting great chocolate recipes from all over the world. Welcome to Callebaut. Ruby RB1 Chocolate. The 4th chocolate is here, born from the Ruby cocoa bean. Where trends meet chocolate. A new interactive way to explore chocolate taste and great pairing ideas. What's your flavour destination? Why would your customers go Slowcial. Chocolate glaze.

The A-Z for perfect chocolate drinks. Share your photo with the Callebaut community Tell your chocolate stories on the Instawall. How to remedy overcrystallised chocolate. Tabling chocolate. What is chocolate tempering and when is it needed? Why would your customers go Slowcial - Jiggers. The idea to create chocolate hagelslag was supposedly the result of letters the Venz company received from a young boy requesting a chocolate topping for his bread. After the Second World War, manufacturers starting developing and introducing all the flavours and varieties of hagelslag we see today.

Hagelslag is available in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and a couple of former Dutch colonies such as Suriname, the Dutch Antilles and Indonesia. Outside of these countries, hagelslag or sprinkles are usually used to decorate cakes or as an addition to ice cream. In other countries, the names for hagelslag differ. In Belgium, hagelslag is referred to as muizenstrontjes, which translates to mouse droppings.

In Indonesia, it is called meses or meises. They are little aniseeds covered with sugar and are a typical accompaniment to buttered rusks beschuit met muisjes.

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Muisjes and rusks are eaten at the celebration of a birth. Muisjes have been around for quite some time. In , C. Shortly after offering the regular muisjes variety, De Ruijter began making crushed muisjes so that the elderly could enjoy them without worrying about what the harder muisjes would do to their teeth.

Since then, the offering of orange muisjes at the birth of a Prince or Princess of Orange has become a tradition.