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Drew may be a human, but he has grown up among Weres, has a Pack, and knows many of the people at Camp H. It takes a threat from an unexpected source resulting in a close call for Drew before Nick will admit to himself — and Drew — that there is not just more going on between them than they wanted to admit, that they need each other, but that they work well as a couple. Nick and Drew have a great start physically, with off-the-charts chemistry, but their brains take a while to catch up. Drew is pissed off at Nick for ignoring and belittling him as if being human were a disability.

Opposites are supposed to attract — and eventually they do — but it takes a crisis or two, some external threats, and xxxx for Nick and Drew to realize that the bond they have is worth fighting for. I liked the first book in this series, what with a great introduction to an interesting paranormal world and complicated characters, but this second volume takes it up a notch by making the focus relationship more visceral, more immediately passionate, and more complicated.

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It brims with passion, heat, and as much suspense as well-placed humor. I am definitely looking forward to the next story in this series! View all 3 comments. Well, that and sharing a hotel room for the night before they both have new flights the following day.

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The author definitely starts this second book in the series with a bang, and a sniff. He figures life will be so much easier, and less stressful, dealing with nineteen-year-olds working through their Turn than the drug addicts and prostitutes he saw as an ER doctor. Nick has spent enough time dealing with marital counseling and other human issues, and now he just wants to be where he can make a difference and really help. He and Drew are much alike in that regard. Please find my full review at Rainbow Book Reviews May 19, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-books , mm-fantasy-pnr-futuristic-scifi , mm-romance-or-erotica , mm-shifters , dsp-dreamspun.

L he replaces Tate, from previous book ; on his way to the camp for his new job, his flight runs into trouble, which ends up with him having to stay overnight until the weather is clear. Imagine his surprise that the object of his lust is the new camp doctor, Drew Welch. Bru Baker continues her Camp H. L series with new characters to root for — for me, in this case, is in the form of Drew. I LOVE this guy!!! He is a smart cookie, our Drew. I loved when Drew challenged Nick to both physical and mental games! No high rating is required for any ARC received. Jul 03, Lori S. Another enjoyable entry into the series.

Jan 09, Amber rated it really liked it. This book is well written and nicely edited. That part and the part where Nick and Drew have to take the classes that the camp offers and they turn it into a competition of who can do it better, the human raised by werewolves or the werewolf. Poor Nick Perry is a psychologist and is tired of helping people with their marriages. So when a spot opens up to work with teens at Camp H.

Nick has seen too many relationships ruined by secrets, and this is just between people of the same species since he primarily sees humans. They are perfectly fine for one-night stands but absolutely not for dating. But he was still a loveable character, and the chemistry between him and Drew is hot. He has no trouble fitting in at the camp as their new doctor.

I really liked how happy-go-lucky Drew is and how he wants to help the patients that he sees in his little private practice in town. When the boyfriend shows up, it all goes to hell. But it was definitely worth reading. Jun 08, Didi rated it liked it Shelves: arc-netgalley-edelweiss , lqbtqia , romance , paranormal-shifter-supernatural , series , m-m. The second entry to the series started with a bang. Cancelled flight enabled Drew and Nick acted on the attraction they felt when they were stranded for the night in Chicago; unaware that they actually set out to the same place.

Then followed the awkward moment when they met again in front of their new colleagues. Drew Welch was an unusual member of the pack. I loved that - despite him being human a 3.

Au contraire; he was smart, determined and very competitive over his place among the weres. He knew what he want and go for it. It was a plausible conflict made complex with the presence of hormonal teens weres and camp staffers practically sniffing the pull between them. It flew effortlessly from one jolly clash to the next that had me cheer for Drew and urging Nick to quick sort himself up. Praises aside, the story took a downturn close to the last quarter of the book for me.

After the even paced of the earlier pages, it felt as if the flow accelerated to a sprint following a crucial incident. The last quarter seemed a bit of a rush with the shooting, misunderstanding, revelation and coming together. After the elaborate plot the pair had gone through, the closing phase felt rather anticlimactic. What a bummer after the delightful chronicle the two MCs brought us readers. For grown up and clearly sensible beings as Drew and Nick, both the falling-out and the dawning revelation were rather silly and conveniently staged; for the sake of drama.

Not that I begrudged them their happy beginning, I just wish the path taken were slightly different!! Advanced copy of this book is kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review. Sep 11, Sarah McDerment rated it liked it. This is the second installment of the Camp H. L Series. With Tate leaving Camp at the end of the first book, there is now an opening for his position of Camp Counselor. Nick applies for and accepts the job. During his flight he meets Drew, who unknown to him his the new human Camp Doctor.

Meaning the get up to all sorts during that flight, without knowing they were about to be colleagues. Although I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did Book One, I still think that this is a pretty good add This is the second installment of the Camp H. Although I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did Book One, I still think that this is a pretty good addition to the series. I liked the concept of the Camp in the first installment so I was happy to read more about it and the dynamics there. Nick bothered me in this book though. Nick refuses to date Drew, because Nick believes humans, even those who know about shifters, are incapable of understanding them enough to make good partners even though Drew grew up in and as a member of a wolf pack.

His prejudices seriously began to grate on my nerves after a while so I was glad when he finally kicked himself and realized what he was missing out on. Overall a good addition to this series. Reviewed by Sarah from Alpha Book Club Jun 20, Vinga rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book.

Great story and characters. This series just gets better. Nov 16, Paul rated it did not like it Shelves: gay-gay-gay , dnf , awful-m-m-romance , sadly-disapointing. Jun 13, Sara added it Shelves: fun , fairy-tale-or-fantasy , romance , review-copy , boys-who-love-boys , a-shifter-says-what , unicorn-reads. I loved being in the world of Camp H.

Camp Stinks! by Karen Dawn Blum, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

L with Tate and Adrian and now we get more with Drew and Nick. I loved the take on this with a wolf and a human. Sure, it has happened before in books but usually the human is introduced to the shifters animal form later in the story as a big reveal. Drew has grown up just as any wolf would save the ability to shift. He knows how shifters think, he knows their silent language and he knows what one grumpy hot as hell wolf needs and what Drew wants. Nick is grumpy and prickly but cautious. Having been a private marriage counselor, he knows that keeping secrets from your partner can lead to nothing but trouble and feels being with a human would mean keeping secrets about his wolf.

Watching Nick and Drew first meet hot and heavy and then have Nick react the way he does to Drew was so much fun to read. I loved watching Drew prove Nick wrong time and time again and Nick finally accepting what he feels for Drew and that his fears of intimacy have nothing to do with Drew being Human. Nick is total wolf in everything that concerns Drew that I was grinning like a fool. It was fantastic seeing Nick be all wolf over his human even when he tried to fight it so damn hard.

Of course it was great to get bits of Tate and Adrian again and I am really hoping there is another book because there are strong hints throughout with Harris and Jackson that need to be explored long after that flirting at the hospital. I mean, right? This was just a pure delight to read.

The UST was amazing and the games the men play was a blast to follow along with. Drew knows how to get to Nick and playing a little dirty even in a yoga class made me grin like a fool. The bit of drama at the end was perfect for the story, the title is spot on with what it means and that epilogue made my hopeless romantic heart happy. Sep 09, ChaosMoondrawn rated it liked it Shelves: romance , shapeshifters , contemporary , humor , paranormal , lgbtqia. With Tate having left Camp H. Drew Welch is the new human camp doctor.

They actually meet on the same flight to Indianapolis and don't realize they will be work colleagues, allowing for them to be themselves and have hot, off page, sexy times. Don't worry, we are there in the morning when they wake up. The first book didn't really set up a couple for the next book, so all of the sudden Drew is friends wit With Tate having left Camp H.

The first book didn't really set up a couple for the next book, so all of the sudden Drew is friends with Adrian and everyone else, having visited the camp often. Er, ok. The camp also seems much larger, with expanded services, which makes sense if it is going to be a series. As you can imagine when Nick realizes Drew is his new colleague, he doesn't handle it well.

Besides the fact Nick doesn't date humans, he doesn't want to be seen as unprofessional. Drew is a human member of the pack his mother marries into; he was raised in the pack and dated and hooked up with weres before, so Nick's objections seem strange. I had to wonder how much time he had previously spent with humans on a daily basis before this camp; I mean he has a degree from a University, he's been out in the world. It seems most of the book is Drew having to prove to Nick how capable he is while Drew is becoming more attached to him and I just wasn't sure why.

I don't look for things to criticize, but when there are things that are contradictory it's difficult not to notice. Why did they call when a camper gets injured? They are a wealthy, state of the art camp with a qualified doctor. They don't want humans on the property. They don't want a wolfling going through the change in a human hospital, where he might shift or they might draw blood, which would show abnormalities. The local hospital is rural and not very well equipped. This plot point seemed odd to me. Then later, after we already know there are safety inspections of the camp and that there had been work crews out to fix tornado damage, they are hidden and have no address, just a fake house they get mail at.

I did like the way the camp employees were shown to be a pack and supportive of each other like family. We got to see more of the camp classes and see the staff interaction in this book. I liked that the counselors are required to have counseling themselves. There is a great scene with a camp activity to train weres that really shows how Drew's pack integrated him into the pack with games and fun.

Drew is very likable, but it took me longer with Nick. We are told is is adorable but, for me, the more we get to know him, the more annoying I found him. They have a stupid competition between them after they make a bet which was entertaining and I think it was supposed to endear us to him, but it isn't until something tragic happens that Nick stops being a dick. Right about the time Jordan, Drew's ex pops back up. I am a little worried about this character as he is written as sarcastic, which could go either way--funny or annoying.

Then, there is make-up sex. We are set up with a couple for book three, which should be about Harris. We've gotten to met Drew's brother Jackson, along with his parents and see a bit more of Pack culture in the St. Lewis pack. Drew also has a medical practice in a nearby town, so we are getting to know people in the surrounding area.

There are a few places for the author to go for book three. I would rate this 3. Jun 19, Samsunthunderpaw rated it really liked it. I requested and was given an advance copy of this novel for an honest review. L here we come again! Really, in the beginning, we the readers know both Nick and Drew are going to Camp H.

Nick connected with Drew, but the thing is, he wanted nothing more to do with Drew as he was human, and it could never work between a Were and a human. Nick seems to be deep in denial land, based on his former practice of marriage counseli I requested and was given an advance copy of this novel for an honest review. Nick seems to be deep in denial land, based on his former practice of marriage counseling. And he jumps to conclusions and makes judgements because a human like Drew would never understand what it's like to be a Were.

Nick is such a cynic at a young age. Even his body is telling him This is a good thing!!!! But no Drew, a man that was raised within a Were pack since he was four years old, is hurt when he finds that both he and Nick are the new people at Camp H. Fine, Drew can play this game, be professional and friends, nothing more. Well, it's Nick that can't fight his instincts and his body, both of which betray him time after time. And at times, with hilarious results.

I laughed out loud when they decided to have a competition to see who is best at the class offerings at the camp. You'll have to read the book to find out who wins that one. Nick always jumps to the wrong conclusions, and stays with those conclusions, even when the mounting evidence proves he is being an idiot. Drew is smarter than Nick knows, but he can be patient for so long before he feels it's a lost cause. Though once Nick finally realizes he's been a n insert your choice here dick, idiot, ass, etc it may be too late.

Camp Stinks!

You'll have to read Under A Blue Moon to find out. And really, why wouldn't you want to read a nice summer time book that has you laughing out loud, cheering, yelling, and smiling? I can't think of a reason either. Once in a blue moon Someone like you comes along' Jun 17, Natosha Wilson rated it it was amazing. That is the issue that Nick is having with Drew. Nick is already having issues with the plane ride because his normal were instincts are heightened because there is a blue moon on the night of his plane ride.

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But as influencers — like the year-old fashion model Luka Sabbat , with his 1. And with their success and online fame, they may be losing the homespun quality that once distinguished them from the crowd of celebrity endorsers. Gaby has held roles in marketing, development, and program management, all with a focus on experiential Jewish education. She has been a group leader and educator for Birthright and American Jewish World Service groups, and in summer she officially joined the world of Jewish camp with a position at Ramah Day Camp in Nyack.

Gaby holds a B. Growing up in a community where Jewish values and tradition were a part of every day life, she is thrilled to join an organization that brings children and adults closer to their Jewish roots in the best way possible: Camp! Greta spent many summers at day camp, first as a camper and later on, taking on a leadership role as a counselor. Some of her best memories were created during these summers, building friendships that she still cherishes.

When not in the FJC office, you might find Greta cooking for her friends, re-reading Harry Potter books, or adventuring in a foreign country. Jill joined FJC in , and as a Program Manager she focuses on professional development, leadership, and other areas. Her love of Jewish summer camp started in more than two decades ago at URJ Camp Coleman as a camper, and she continued as a counselor, educator and visiting faculty.

Jill was an FJC Cornerstone Fellow in , a program she now proudly helps facilitate as part of her work. A south Florida native, Jill moved north to attend NYU followed by seven years in tv news production, as a directing and operations supervisor at NY1 News. Jill is passionate about helping camp and Jewish organizations bring their values to life through action and policy. Plus, she enjoys chocolate, social-impact documentaries and movies with morals, running, storytelling, exploring cultures through travel, the High Line Park, and living Western Queens with her partner, Dan. Marci earned a dual-masters degree in non-profit management M.

She coached a PresenTense social entrepreneur, served on the advisory board for Camp Kesem: Columbia University, and worked on both the program and operations sides of Repair the World. Mary is originally from the Chicagoland area and before she became a lifeguard at the public pool down the street, she spent many happy summers perfecting her marshmallow roasting skills at overnight Girl Scout camps in Wisconsin. She is a graduate of St. Norbert College, a recipient of the Anslem M. Mary lives in Astoria, NY with her husband and dog, and is an amateur pie baker, bike rider, poetry lover, analogue photographer, landscape embroiderer, and international traveler.

In this role she gained valuable experience working with the senior management team, the Board of Directors and donors. No stranger to the camp experience, as a former Scout whose camp leaders just so happen to be family relatives, Star learned the importance of team-building, hard work door-to-door cookie sales and supporting ones community. Those were truly the days! There he worked as part of a team to bring camp type programming into all aspects of the school. There he spent 23 amazing summers finishing his time as an Assistant Director for three summers.

Most recently, he finished a 6 month, 2, mile hike of the Appalachian Trail. They met at Jewish day camp. FJC is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and job applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, national origin, disability or veteran status. Board of Trustees Robert M. Lee Sarokin. Elisa is currently a writer in the fields of health and food, and is a professionally trained vegan chef and teaches yoga, including Jewish yoga.

In , President Obama appointed Elisa to the U. Holocaust Memorial Council. Inspired by their participation in the Wexner Heritage Leadership Program, Rob and his wife Elisa founded the FJC in , providing seed funding to launch a public foundation dedicated solely to overnight camps with a Jewish mission.

Rob was a founding director and former treasurer of Repair the World, a national initiative seeking to engage young Jewish adults in community service. As an entrepreneur, Rob founded several food companies, including RLB Food Distributors, a perishable food distribution and food manufacturing company, which he sold in He received his B.

Magna Cum Laude from Yale, his J. Julie B. Outside of the Jewish world, Julie is actively involved with, and an avid supporter of the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated and met her husband, Marc. She currently serves as Penn Alumni president. Julie and Marc have five children, a son and daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren.

After a long career as a CEO and senior executive in Silicon Valley, Jim Heeger now spends full-time working as a board member of Jewish non-profit organizations.

Kate Baker and Friends: Camp Stinks! by Karen Blum (2013, Paperback)

He attended Camp Kadimah as a camper for five years and was then on staff for five years, culminating in his position as director of the senior camp, Camp Machar at Camp Kadimah. Their son Yale and daughter Serena spent several summers as campers and staff members at Camp Ramah in California. Archie believes that warm, meaningful Jewish rituals will keep people connected to their Jewish roots. This led her to founding JewBelong. Archie knows about connecting with people through compelling branding.

She is also a guest lecturer about family business at Columbia University. She lives in Summit with her husband, Gary DeBode and they have three daughters and an ever-changing number of shelter dogs. After years of working in the field of education and educational technology, Lois now devotes herself to Jewish communal service. Lois and her husband, Gary Claar, have three children, all of whom are devoted current and past campers. Scott is an educator and thought leader in the areas of 21st-century learning, workforce development, and child development.

Scott has led multiple briefings for the US Congress on the ways in which high quality camp experiences promote college and career readiness and speaks globally on these issues on behalf of the camp profession. Scott was recently elected Board Chair of American Camp Association, and also serves as government affairs chair for the Massachusetts Camp Association.

Most importantly, he is the father of his beloved son A. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Steve, who together have been active Chicago community members for thirty years. Shelley Richman Cohen has been a prime mover for inclusion of children with disabilities in the Jewish camping world over the last fifteen years.

She was able to arrange for his successful inclusion into Camp Nesher, part of the NJY Camps, where Nathaniel was a camper and then a sports staff member until his passing at age She lives with her husband in Manhattan and has two grown children who have both taken leadership roles in summer camps during their college years. Shelley has a B. Robert J. Deutsch grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

He earned a B.

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Since , he has practiced law in the Asheville, North Carolina area. He has served as southeastern counsel to the American Camping Association and as president of the 28th Judicial District Bar. Bob attended Camp Tamakwa in Algonquin Park, Ontario for many years, both as a camper and a staff member.

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His summer camp wilderness experience has remained a profound influence in his life. Since , he and his life-long Tamakwa friends have taken a week-long canoe trip in Algonquin Park. Bob is very involved in both the Jewish and secular communities in Asheville and serves on the boards of regional, national, and international Jewish organizations.