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A superb book that should be in every Latter-day Saint home and devoured as a companion to the scriptures. The Savior's Atoning sacrifice does way more than just save the big sinners. Accepting Christ's atonement is better than paying for our own sins and is the only way to perfection. The message of the book encourages daily repentance by all. Often we learn and study how the Atonement covers our sins after all we can do.

When we do, it also seems abstract. This book is enlightening on how the Atonement and our life melds together in a broader perspective. I was profoundly affected after reading this book. I recommend everyone to read it. It is simple to read, easy to understand, and very thought provoking. Many gospel books are good, but not thought provoking, this book is both. This book forces you to deeply engage your thought process and to come out with a much better appreciation of the Atonement.

This is an excellent book that clearly explains what it takes to live gospel principles and better apply the Atonement in our lives in order to live 'the higher law'. It is easy reading and very straightforward yet meaty enough for the learned. I love it! I found this book to offer enlightening perspective on the Atonement and cast insight into some aspects not frequently addressed.

An easy read. I don't recommend many books to people, but this is one I whole-heartedly recommend reading. I'm glad it was brought it back into print. This should be required reading along with scriptures. I love this book! It has uncommon insight while the presentation is straitforward and easy to understand. I've gained a larger foundation for applying the Great Atonement to my daily life and can apply this knowledge now to my relationships. Good Job!! Thank you!!

I can't remember any book, other than the scriptures, that have had greater spritual impact. Amber starts to date Cody and her daughter really likes him. Her mother never likes to talk about her dead dad. Bree feels all alone while her Mom copes with her own grief and low paying job. They go to one of Cody's races and he is in an accident. Cody's accident is too much for Amber and she forbids Bree to see him. Bree runs away and when found says she wants to live with her grandmother.

The Broken

Amber prays for an answer. Wheel-chair-bound Mike Nelson tells Amber about how her husband saved his life. His last words were: "You are loved more than you will ever know. Amber, Bree and Patti go to Darren's grave and read his last letter together. Amber returns to church and is singing Bless the Broken Road.

A new mustard seed labeled "Faith" is seen growing in the window. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. God Bless the Broken Road Theatrical release poster. M Live. Retrieved September 8, Box Office Mojo. Deng, Q. E2F8 contributes to human hepatocellular carcinoma via regulating cell proliferation.

Cancer Res. Park, S. E2F8 as a novel therapeutic target for lung cancer. Cancer Inst. Yao, G.

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A bistable Rb-E2F switch underlies the restriction point. Kwon, J. Controlling depth of cellular quiescence by an Rb-E2F network switch. Cell Rep.

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This study examines the role of the RB—E2F network in cell cycle progression decisions in quiescent cells. Lens, S. Cytokinesis defects and cancer. Cancer 19 , 32 Kuznetsova, A. Chromosomal instability, tolerance of mitotic errors and multidrug resistance are promoted by tetraploidization in human cells. Ishida, S. Saavedra, H. Inactivation of E2F3 results in centrosome amplification.

Cancer Cell 3 , — Manning, A. RB: mitotic implications of a tumour suppressor. Cancer 12 , — Webb, S. Cell cycle analysis of the postnatal mouse pancreas. Neonate 42 , 73—78 Zielke, N. Cold Spring Harb. Orr-Weaver, T.

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When bigger is better: the role of polyploidy in organogenesis. Trends Genet. Zhang, S. The polyploid state plays a tumor-suppressive role in the liver. Cell 44 , — Mayhew, C. Liver-specific pRB loss results in ectopic cell cycle entry and aberrant ploidy. Canonical and atypical E2Fs regulate the mammalian endocycle.

Pandit, S. E2F8 is essential for polyploidization in mammalian cells. Matondo, R. Atypical E2f functions are critical for pancreas polyploidization. Hernando, E. Rb inactivation promotes genomic instability by uncoupling cell cycle progression from mitotic control. Koutsami, M. Centrosome abnormalities are frequently observed in non-small-cell lung cancer and are associated with aneuploidy and cyclin E overexpression.

RB loss abrogates cell cycle control and genome integrity to promote liver tumorigenesis. Gastroenterology , — Lee, M. E2F activators signal and maintain centrosome amplification in breast cancer cells. Nath, S. The origin recognition complex is dispensable for endoreplication in Drosophila. Shibata, E. Okano-Uchida, T.

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Endoreduplication of the mouse genome in the absence of ORC1. Carter, S. A signature of chromosomal instability inferred from gene expression profiles predicts clinical outcome in multiple human cancers. Sotillo, R. Mad2-induced chromosome instability leads to lung tumour relapse after oncogene withdrawal. Schvartzman, J. Mad2 is a critical mediator of the chromosome instability observed upon Rb and p53 pathway inhibition. Cancer Cell 19 , — Vaidyanathan, S. In vivo overexpression of Emi1 promotes chromosome instability and tumorigenesis. Oncogene 35 , — Herlihy, A. The role of the transcriptional response to DNA replication stress.

Genes Basel 8, 92 Lecona, E. Replication stress and cancer: it takes two to tango. Cell Res. Sustained E2F-dependent transcription is a key mechanism to prevent replication-stress-induced DNA damage. Bester, A. Nucleotide deficiency promotes genomic instability in early stages of cancer development.

Chk1 inhibits E2F6 repressor function in response to replication stress to maintain cell-cycle transcription. This study shows that CHK1 inhibition of E2F6 during replicative stress prolongs E2F activity and aids in the recovery from replicative stress. Liontos, M. Deregulated overexpression of hCdt1 and hCdc6 promotes malignant behavior. Jones, R. Increased replication initiation and conflicts with transcription underlie Cyclin E-induced replication stress.

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  7. Oncogene 32 , — Teixeira, L. Cyclin E deregulation promotes loss of specific genomic regions. Lin, W. Stevens, C. Engelmann, D. Translating DNA damage into cancer cell death — a roadmap for E2F1 apoptotic signalling and opportunities for new drug combinations to overcome chemoresistance.

    Drug Resist. Shats, I.

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    Expression level is a key determinant of E2F1-mediated cell fate. Crosby, M. E2F4 regulates a stable G2 arrest response to genotoxic stress in prostate carcinoma. Oncogene 26 , — Plesca, D. Hong, S. Cell Cycle 7 , — Martinez, L. E2F3 is a mediator of DNA damage-induced apoptosis. E2f2 induces cone photoreceptor apoptosis independent of E2f1 and E2f3. Zalmas, L. Carvajal, L. E2F7, a novel target, is up-regulated by p53 and mediates DNA damage-dependent transcriptional repression.

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    Gong, C. Yuan, R. Chk1 and proteins inhibit atypical E2Fs to prevent a permanent cell cycle arrest. Ambrus, A. Loss of dE2F compromises mitochondrial function. Cell 27 , — Benevolenskaya, E. Emerging links between E2F control and mitochondrial function. Weijts, B. Hollern, D. The E2F transcription factors regulate tumor development and metastasis in a mouse model of metastatic breast cancer.

    Blanchet, E. E2F transcription factor-1 regulates oxidative metabolism. Wu, M. E2F1 enhances glycolysis through suppressing Sirt6 transcription in cancer cells. Oncotarget 6 , — Dick, F. Non-canonical functions of the RB protein in cancer. Cancer 18 , — Guo, R. Chen, J. Cell Cycle 10 , — Garcia-Garcia, A. E2F-1 lacking the transcriptional activity domain induces autophagy. Cancer Biol. Biswas, A. E2F1 responds to ultraviolet radiation by directly stimulating DNA repair and suppressing carcinogenesis. Cell Cycle 12 , — Cole, M.

    Oncogene 28 , — Aregger, M. Whittaker, S. Inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases as cancer therapeutics. Sherr, C. Cancer Discov. Otto, T. Cell cycle proteins as promising targets in cancer therapy. Cancer 17 , 93— Klein, M. Cancer Cell 34 , 9—20 Lynce, F. Goel, S. Rivadeneira, D. Dean, J. Oncogene 29 , — Konecny, G.

    Logan, J.