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A review of Scott's infamous rants Not his funniest work but always a good rant. I look forward to more. Vince Grey rated it liked it May 19, Kirk Sheppard rated it really liked it Jun 26, Steven rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Jason rated it really liked it Jan 02, Jesse Harness rated it liked it May 19, Michael Weidenbaum rated it really liked it Apr 22, Larry rated it really liked it Dec 22, Andrew Sutherland rated it liked it Apr 26, Ian Rees rated it really liked it Oct 13, Christopher Reisenauer rated it it was ok Mar 27, Andy rated it liked it Nov 25, Will Wittler rated it really liked it Oct 22, Gabriel Sanchez rated it it was ok Mar 12, Kelsey rated it did not like it Jan 01, Kevin Muir rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Scott Plys rated it liked it Dec 08, Steve Isett rated it it was ok Jan 01, Ronn Jakubovic rated it really liked it Jul 21, Aaron rated it liked it Jul 09, Walker rated it liked it Apr 18, Jackson, only to die unexpectedly, forcing "the other guys" -- Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg -- to take center stage instead.

It's a small part, but Johnson owns it, and the rest of the movie is funny as heck too.

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Summit Entertainment. So Johnson goes undercover to find one. The idea is pulpy and interesting, but the movie is turgid and lifeless, only notable for a strong supporting turn by Jon Bernthal. Andrzej Bartkowiak's film is so dimly lit it's hard to tell what's going on, and when you do figure out what's going on, you realize it's really quite dumb.

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The final fight between Johnson and Urban is kind of nifty, but it's not worth watching the rest of this terrible movie to get to it. Kelly's ambitious follow-up to "Donnie Darko" has an impressive cast and a lot of big ideas, but the cast is wasted, and the big ideas are the kind you'd only come up with when you're wasted.

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Johnson stars as a conservative movie star who gets caught in a sprawling sci-fi conspiracy, but the film isn't funny, it's not insightful, and even the craziest moments don't feel crazy enough. If you ever wonder what it would look like if Neil Breen remade "Wild Palms," well, you have very specific tastes, but this is the movie for you.

And probably only you. Paramount Pictures. That's not a bad idea, and Johnson occasionally makes the most of it, but the film's grotesque sense of humor and lazy stereotyping undermines any attempt it makes at cleverness. Believe or not, "Baywatch" deserved better. The Film Arcade. In this competent but unremarkable drama, Liam Hemsworth and Michael Angarano pull off the crime, while Johnson takes a thankless supporting role as the cop hunting them down, who has no personality traits to speak of.

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There's a reason most people don't know this movie exists. It's for Dwayne Johnson die-hards only. TriStar Pictures. Johnson stars as the human astronaut, and he seems to be having a good time, but this harmless, humdrum animated comedy never demonstrates any imagination beyond its premise, and there's nary a laugh to be found.

Warner Bros. Everyone seems to have only shown up to collect their paycheck, but "Journey 2" does have one of Johnson's most iconic on-screen moments: "The Pec-Pop of Love," in which he bounces a berry off of his chest and into the audience, utilizing the full power of 3-D. Everyone's reasonably charming in "Get Smart," but the film only has a handful of laugh-out-loud jokes, and Johnson isn't used very well when he's used at all. It sounds like a good idea, but the film is so perfunctory in its storytelling that Johnson's character quickly gets taken for granted.

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He has no reason to be in most of this movie, and almost no reason to care about what happens in it. So the audience has no reason to care either, even though objectively it's kinda nifty. Chili Palmer John Travolta goes into the music industry, and criminal shenanigans ensue. It's an overstuffed comedy, with too many characters who have too little to do, but Johnson steals every scene he's in as a lovable gay musician and actor who makes ends meet as a hired goon. Is your organisation thinking about introducing an ESN?

Wrestling over what to consider?

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