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The Travels. The Longest Day. It shows a slender girl in a dark, drop-shoulder dress that left her neck bare. Her hair is pulled back from her large pale face. Her exceptionally wide-set eyes look, without particular focus, straight ahead. Her lips are slightly parted. Dickinson now wore a white dress with a frothy neck-covering lace collar.

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She had been given a fluffed-out girlish hairdo and her facial features had been softened. This altered image dated back to And it was of a piece with changes made to the poetry by its editors, who normalized her expressive punctuation, smoothed her rhythms and held back certain types of poems, notably those angry or erotic in content.

Her life of Dickinson was the story of a well-bred young woman who, after a single disappointment in love, took the genteel option of retiring to her home, where she wrote, raised flowers, addressed a Calvinist deity and died content with her lot. That Dickinson was a useful figure to two American eras with much in common. In the s a rich nation unnerved by urbanism, immigration and racial violence was looking back with nostalgia for a simpler, whiter, rural version of itself. Dickinson, sold as a kind of village folk figure whose withdrawal was a rejection of the modern world, became a spokeswoman for that past.

She played a related role in the cold war years. As paranoia about Communism and nuclear destruction grew in lockstep with expanding American might, the country again dreamed up a yesterday, this one peopled by God-fearing pioneers.

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Dickinson, the nunlike individualist, again filled the bill. View all New York Times newsletters. My town library acquired a copy, and I pored over it. At her most extreme, she was a terrorist:. Had I a mighty gun.

My hero had appeared. I took the book home and was stunned by what I read. But she proposed that the love object was a woman.

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The revelation, true or not, was explosive for a teenager who knew he was gay and was still isolated in that knowledge. She spoke as a woman, a man, a little girl, a little boy, a lover active and passive. Suddenly she was throwing out a power-of-example lifeline. Not only was she an outsider, she was also, so it seemed, an outlaw, on the margins, where I felt I was too. Patterson, who died in the , took a lot of heat for her book.

Scholars demolished its thesis; critics scorned its True Romance style. But the real problem, I suspect, was that no one in that blacklisting era wanted to hear about same-sex love, particularly in connection with a writer enshrined as an American Classic. Various men have been assigned a heartthrob role: from village beaus to an elderly family friend. But why do we so badly need to have this poet paired off with someone? Why do we need to make a failure in love — and because Dickinson was single, failure is always assumed — the explanation for her art?

I never saw it that way. From the start I thought of her Homestead bedroom as an empowerment zone. She knew the work she wanted to do; there were serious odds against her doing it, social and personal. Rap is now decades old, having evolved over time and being increasingly curated by experts. The history of poetics, however, records much more contestation than consensus. But while what counts as poetry changes over time and differs across cultures, Caplan is too quick to suggest that poetry has no stable generic characteristics.

One important one—and one that distinguishes it from both hip-hop and rap—is that the musicality and typography of poetry reside in the words themselves alone. In both formal and free verse, the musicality of a poem, whether it is created by end-rhymes, assonance, alliteration, repetition or other forms of internal rhyming, does not exist external to the poem. In hop-hop and rap, while some musicians are more talented than others, and while rap lyrics do possess musicality repetition, assonance, alliteration , that musicality is incomplete without the beat and notes of the sampled music.

They were crafted to go with external rhythm and notes.